A List of Frequently Asked Questions 

After college I worked 14 years for NASA contractor; United Space Alliance, as an engineer.  I really loved that job, the people and the environment.  Unfortunately when the Space Shuttle Program ended so did our jobs.   My next endeavor was with Halliburton in Information Technology (IT).   The Oil & Gas industry took a major hit in 2019-2020 leading to major layoffs. After being laid off I was sitting in my cigar lounge (International House of Stogies) smoking a cigar drinking a cup of coffee. I've always wanted a cafe but I knew I wasn't ready for a B&M so I researched online coffee company.  After getting the "pat on the back" from my lovely wife; she and I started A Proper Grind.  With A Proper Grind we started selling fresh when you order whole or ground coffee beans. And of course with any coffee company you have to have some swag! So we found a company where we could create custom mugs, caps and shirts.   One of my buddies; Marc, said hey create me a cap with the word GIMMIE.  Another buddy said hey create me a cap with the 19th on it!  So that's was the start of GOLFER BRO!  Read the rest here...


1)  What is the return/exchange policy?  Click here: return policy

2)  What are the shipping options?

We ship both UPS and USPS.  Depends on which will get our product to you the fastest. 

3) When will I receive my order? 

Our products are treated as custom and are made when you order it. All orders ship within 5-8 days except “The Club” please allow 14 Days for the "The Club" premium products.

4)  How do I make changes to an order I've already placed?  

Email us your changes @ golferbro@golferbro.com. We normally respond within 24 hours. 

5)  Where are you located?  

We don't have a physical location as we are an Online only company.  However you can join us at iStogies 7425 Highway 6 for a cigar. 

6)  How do I contact your company if my question isn’t answered here?

You can Email us, Facebook Msg us or Instagram message us anytime.  We normally respond within 24 hours. 

Email:  GolferBro@golferbro.com

7)  I didn't get an email confirmation!  

Please check your spam folder.  Golfer Bro emails and Text order confirmations if both email and phone number are provided at checkout.

 8) My Tracking shows delivered what can I do?  

Please email us at golferbro@golferbro.com

9)  We need to place a customer order or order for a group playing in a tournament. 

Please email us at golferbro@golferbro.com.  We can then discuss quantity of shirts, color, logo placement, etc etc.  

10) Where does your orders ship from?  

Most of our products will ship from Houston, Los Angeles, Dallas or NC via our distributor. 

 11) Do all items in orders always ship together? 

The same order can also be fulfilled in different facilities, which means they could be shipped separately.