Fif-Tee and still on Par

Fif-Tee and still on Par

Golfer Bro's founder and owner turned 50 this month and to celebrate my birthday I am offering some very special BOGO 50% off deals. Yes indeed! Just in time for the start of another great golf season. Well, that depends on where you live, but here in Texas it's all year long and this January will be the start of the PGA Tour 2024. Yes, the PGA Tour has released a reimagined schedule for the 2024 season. So, whether you're a pro or weekend golfer like me who enjoys a stogie at the 19th hole here's a great deal to get your new year off to a great start.

And if you're wondering about some New Year's Golfing Resolutions you should make, here's a few to consider...

      1. Golf often. The fact is that those who golf more often perform better. Start by scheduling your golfing days on your calendar and maybe even try increasing your practice. The more often you work on your game, the better you will get.  
      2. Add a regular workout regimen to your routine. Mobility exercises will improve your posture, balance, muscular strength, and flexibility which will transfer to your swing. In addition you might also consider adding a day or two at a local gym to supplement your golfing routine.
      3. Increase your cardio. The average walking distance on a PGA golf course is just over four miles. Walking is a great way to stay fit and it will help you to maintain your swing as you get to the last holes. 
      4. Set realistic performance goals. Choose goals based on behaviors. For example, “I will maintain a positive attitude if my ball lands in the pond” or “I will golf even if it’s raining.”  
      5. Make some golfing buddies. Golfing is more fun when you have a community of friends to spend the day with on the course. 
      6. Sign up for a tournament. You don’t need to be a professional to play in a golfing tournament. Tournaments have a variety of classes based on skill, experience, and age. Participating is a great way to test your skills and witness your progress throughout the year.
      7. Register for a one-on-one coaching session. Find a pro shop where you can receive a customized assessment to help you refine your skills. 
      8. Upgrade your style. Visit our store to check out the latest golf wear on the market. Discover collections that will enhance your play on the course. 
      9. Book a golfing getaway this year. Make it a goal to spend a weekend somewhere new or return to a favorite course.
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