Baby it's cold outside...

Baby it's cold outside...

But it's not too cold to play golf! The avid golfer would say there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. In other words, dress appropriately and it's all good. So even if the winter weather can present some challenges on the golf course, here's a few tips you can try to keep your winter game going.

1. Layer up

Don’t wear a bulky coat out to the course. Instead, insulate your body heat with a series of layers. A vest can be a great layering piece as it keeps your body warm without restricting your swing.

2. Walk

Walking in the winter is critical. Walking is an easy way to keep you warm between shots, plus you get your steps in for the day.

3. Warm your hands

Feeling is a crucial part of golf, and it all starts in your hands, so you’ve got to keep them warm in the winter. Pack a pair of mittens to wear between shots or slip some hand warmers in your pockets. Whatever your preference, just remember to keep the blood flowing through your extremities.

4. Pack a hat

Make sure to keep your head warm, too. Throw a knit cap in your bag and pull it out when the weather gets really bad. It’s about function over fashion during the winter.

5. Adjust your swing

Cold weather can impact the flexibility of your muscles, making it necessary to adjust your swing as needed. It's better to focus on a smooth, controlled swing rather than trying to overpower the ball. Adjust your expectations because the ball may not travel as far in the winter compared to summer conditions. Try changing up your club choice and aim for accuracy over distance.

6. Choose the right golf ball

Cold weather will also affect the compression of golf balls so try switching to a lower compression ball during the winter months. Lower compression balls are designed to compress more easily and provide a better feel and distance in these colder conditions.

And there you have it...just a few cold weather tips to keep your golf game going this winter season.


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